Fuse HRC Offset Bolted Tags Bs88 32/63A


Part Number: 2500012763                     MPN: AAO32M63                   Product Type: Industrial Fuses


Part Number: 2500012763                     MPN: AAO32M63                   Product Type: Industrial Fuses

Product Details

Industrial offset bolted tags fuse links are specifically designed for the protection of general motor applications.

  • BS reference: A2
  • Good peak and let-through current limitation
  • 1: 1: 6 selective coordination ratio between “minor” and “major” fuse
  • gM characteristics for motor protection applications
  • Power loss values within the limits of IEC 60269
  • Compatible range of fuse holders available
  • Pre-arching: 7,000
  • Total at 415V AC: 18,000
  • Total at 550V AC: 24,800
  • Watts loss: 1.4

Technical Specifications

HRC fuse
Type of fuse status indicator None
Colour code None
Fuse construction type according to IEC 60269 A2
Current type AC
Rated current 63 A


Mounting holes M5
Utilization category gM (motor protection)
Breaking capacity 80 kA
Rated voltage AC 500 V
Centre-to-centre distance of connections 73 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.0664 kg
Dimensions 3.9 × 1.9 cm


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