Expert Witness Service

The mission of LRME is to deliver electrical expert witness and electrical consultancy service that meets the requirements of the customer and CPR Part 35.

LRME expert witnesses are electrical consultants with technical qualification of at least higher level in electrical engineering and more than 30years experience, which qualify them as experts to give their opinions on the facts of cases involving the regulatory and statutory requirements for electrical installations.

We offer impartial interpretation of the statutory and regulatory standards along with an explanation of electrical engineering principles. Our electrical expert witness statement reports are CPR Part 35 compliant.

We offer our electrical expert witness services to lawyers for them to see if their customers claim has any chance of success or to audit the works of others. We avoid working directly for clients, because we are not experts in law.

In the first instance we assist the lawyer in the preparation of the case which includes doing a report and thereafter, if the case goes to court, to assist the judge to reach a fair decision. Our expert witness statements are written primarily for the Judge/Adjudicator/Arbitrator. Etc, to understand and make his/her judgment.

Our initial role as an electrical expert witness is also that of an educator, in the first instance to the lawyer so that she/he can get an understanding of the regulatory/statutory requirements or electrical engineering principle and thereby make a decision whether or not to proceed to trial or ADR. Then to the judge or other person in charge of proceedings, we have to give them an even more detailed CPR Part 35 compliant electrical expert witness statement, that will allow a just judgement to be made. The worst thing we can as an electrical expert witness do is to write a silly report and the judge make a silly judgement and we are all back in court for a retrial, that is what we want to avoid. Because we are not a judge, we do not judge we only offer our understanding of electrical principles and an interpretation of regulatory or statutory requirements, to assist the judge in making his/her judgement.



As expert witnesses we owe a duty to the court as well as to exercise reasonable skill and care in providing electrical expert witness reports to the lawyer and their client instructing us, as such all our reports are CPR Part 35 compliant and unbiased.


That one party is paying the expert fee does not mean that the expert needs to give a favourable opinion to that party or even the temper on unfavourable one. The requirement is simply that the expert demonstrates the independence of mind and the strength of character to give an unbiased opinion.

There is no conflict between the duty owed by an expert to his client and his overriding duty to the court. His duty to the client is to perform his function as an expert with the reasonable skill and care of an expert drawn from the relevant discipline. This includes a duty to perform the overriding duty of assisting the court. Thus, the discharge of the duty to the court cannot be a breach of duty to the client. If the expert gives an independent and unbiased opinion which is within the range of reasonable expert opinions, he will discharge his duty both to the court and to his client. If, however, he gives an independent unbiased opinion, which is outside the range of reasonable expert opinions, he will not be in breach of his duty to the court, because he would have provided independent and unbiased assistance to the court, but it will be in breach of the duty owed to his client.


As the guidance states

Guidance 1.1 Experts must provide opinions that are independent regardless of the pressure of litigation. A useful test of independence is that the expert would express the same opinion if given the same instructions by another party…

Our Expert witness give clear independent opinion evidence on matters regarding the requirement for electrical installations. We do not give advice outside electrical engineering.


Electrical Forensic Engineer 

LRME carries out investigations of electrical failures, from inconvenience such as a light not switching off, to a catastrophic failures such as an electrical fire.

Our objective is always to identify the cause or causes of the failure of the electrical protective device to function or the accessories to carry out their function such as a cable been the right size. We will also need to ensure that regulatory and statutory requirements were implemented.

The reason(s) for the failure will give the solicitor instructing us the direction to take and what action is required to pursue/defend their client’s case.

Have a Large Project?

We work with builders and owners of property to deliver electrical project management of all sizes, always delivering the desired service, be it design, report, consultation, installation or testing.