Expert Witness Service

Our consultant has over 25 years’ experience in the electrical industry. We offer Expert opinion in electrical engineering, Electrical installation disputes, BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations, Electricity at Work Regulations, Verification of electrical installation designs & specifications, Part P of the Building Regulations, Advice to contractors & consultants based on technical, legal & safety requirements. installation & inspection of electrical works and Electrical distribution.

We also offer Mediation, Arbitration, adjudication and expert determination to resolve disputes. One of the ways in which parties are now expected to co-operate in the initial stages of litigation is over the appointment of expert witnesses. With fast-track cases since no allowance is now made for cross-examining experts in court, parties should agree to appoint an expert jointly when they can.

Our fee is on a case by case assessment and is inclusive of revision and review of documents, appearance in court, travel to and from site and preparation of case. Please contact us for an individual quote based on your case requirements.

Examples of cases we advise on includes:

  • Transformer, cable and other distribution equipment failures
  • Failures in domestic electrical appliances
  • The suitability of equipment for its purpose
  • Explosions and fires arising from electrostatic discharges
  • Installation practices
  • Personal injuries
  • Lightning strikes
  • Automotive electrical faults

We undertake site visits, where required in order to:

  • Conduct investigations into the electrical systems, at distribution sub-stations, in factories, at farms and in commercial and private dwellings;
  • Investigate failures in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems;
  • Test electrical component

Have a Large Project?

We work with builders and owners of property to deliver electrical project management of all sizes, always delivering the desired service, be it design, report, consultation, installation or testing.