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LRM Electrical Expert Witness Mission Statement

The mission of LRM Electrics is to deliver electrical expert witness service that meets the requirements of CPR Part 35 and as such the need of the customer.

Our electrical engineer expert witness are qualified to give their opinions, on matters involving the regulatory and statutory requirements for electrical installations.

We at LRM Electrics are electrical engineering experts who have been delivering electrical services for more than three decades.

Our electrical engineering services includes the provision of expert witness engineers skilled in providing electrical engineer Expert Witness Report that are fully compliant with CPR 35.

We are constantly producing electrical engineering expert witness reports for Barristers, Litigators, Arbitrators, and Lawyers.

As electrical engineer experts we are careful to express in layman’s language issues relating to the regulatory and statutory requirements for the distribution, consumption usage, charge, safety, and storage of electricity within and surrounding buildings.

When taking instructions as the appointed electrical expert witness, we respectfully request clear and precise instructions with all necessary supporting documents from the claimants and/or respondent’s advocate.

As Litigation expert witnesses we prefer to take instructions from Lawyers, Barristers, and Litigators in the preparation of the case which includes writing an Electrical Expert Witness Statement. If you are a member of the public and do not have a lawyer, we will be very happy to recommend one.

Electrical expert witness
Electrical Expert Witness

We are aware of our duty as legal expert witnesses. We owe a duty of care to the court to exercise reasonable skill and care in providing electrical expert witness reports and to ensure that our expert witness statements are compliant with CPR 35.

Our construction litigation expert witness statements are independent and unbiased in line with the requirements of CPR 35. All the reports we provide are written by an electrician expert witness with decades of service to become a building expert witness. Our expert witness engineer receives further training by Barristers on how to produce electrical expert witness statements.

Do you not owe it to your client to work with an electrical expert witness who has many decades of experience, who is technically qualified and familiar with the requirements of CPR 35, for that next case involving electricity? When you need an experienced, expert witness engineer to help you understand or to write that expert statement, call LRM Electrics. We have worked with clients who seek expert opinions on matters relating to all aspects of electrical engineering, and we have delivered relevant and high-quality results.

Why You Should Hire Us as Your Expert Witness Engineers

LRM Electrics is a highly reputable and experienced company that specializes in providing expert witness services to legal professionals. Here are some reasons why LRM Electrics is the ideal company to work with when you need an electrical expert witness:

Experience and Expertise

LRM Electrics has a team of highly skilled and experienced electrical engineers who possess extensive knowledge of electrical systems, codes, and regulations. With years of experience as an expert witness for lawyers in the field, we are well-equipped to provide expert witness consulting services and provide credible testimony in court.

Expert Witness Service

Comprehensive Services

LRM Electrics offers a wide range of litigation expert witness services, including investigations, report writing, and deposition and trial testimony. We work closely with legal teams to provide timely and accurate assessments of complex electrical issues.

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High-Quality Reports

The team at LRM Electrics prides itself on delivering high-quality reports that are clear, concise, and easy to understand. Our CPR35 compliant electrical expert witness reports are well-organised, with detailed explanations of technical terms and concepts, ensuring that the information is presented in a manner that is easily digestible for a non-technical audience.

Electrical expert witness

Timely and Professional Service

LRM Electrics understands the importance of deadlines and strives to deliver its services in a timely and professional manner. As such, we request that all required information is sent to us in a timely manner that allows us to meet your envisaged completion date. Our electrical legal expert witness is dedicated to providing professional and CPR35 compliant electrical expert witness statements and reports. We guarantee that our electrical expert witness engineer report is entirely independent and impartial. whilst ensuring that the needs and expectations of those instructing are met promptly and without delay.

Electrical expert witness

Credibility and Objectivity

As a third-party expert, LRM Electrics provides objective and unbiased assessments of the technical issues at hand. Our testimony carries weight in court and can be trusted by judges and juries alike.

What You Should Expect from Our Reports

  • A clear and concise explanation of technical issues that may be difficult for a non-technical audience to understand.
  • Reports compliant with CPR35 that are well-organised, thorough, and easy to understand.
  • Reports produced by an expert witness engineer who is knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to delivering accurate, transparent, unbiased, and reliable reports.
  • A well-written report that provides a summary of the expert witness’s findings and conclusions, which can be used to inform negotiations, settlement discussions, or other legal proceedings. This can save time and reduce the cost of legal proceedings, as it may eliminate the need for additional depositions or testimony.
Expert Witness Service

Our Service to Lawyers, Barristers and Litigators

We offer our expert service to lawyers, Barristers, and litigators,We avoid taking instructions from the public, wherever possible.

Our Methodology

We request clear and precise instructions,with necessary supporting document.

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We work with builders and owners of property to deliver electrical project management of all sizes, always delivering the desired service, be it design, report, consultation, installation or testing.