18 Way Consumer Unit Main Switch 100A, Fixed Configuration, with SPD


Part Number: 2501421667     MPN: NM1806LS     Product Type: Populated Boards


Part Number: 2501421667     MPN: NM1806LS     Product Type: Populated Boards

Product Details

  • 18W Main switch plus SPD consumer unit
  • Includes a 100A main switch with twin line and neutral supply terminals and a 100A fixed busbar assembly
  • Fitted with the Wylex miniature type 2 SPD, NMT2SPD3W/1
  • Accepts all Wylex miniature final circuit protection devices; MCBs, RCBOs and AFDDs
  • Constructed from a full metal enclosure with curved visor and temporary locking facility

Technical Specifications

Small distribution board equipped
Protection Miniature circuit breaker/RCBO
Housing material Steel
Degree of protection (IP rating) IP2XC
Width 438 mm
Height 261 mm
Number of phases 1
Width in number of modular spacings 21
Depth 121 mm


Number of poles main switch 2
Total number of groups 1
Lockable Yes
Main switch rated current 100 A
Extension possible No
Over voltage-/surge protection Yes
With transparent cover No

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