Bussmann 20A BS88 Industrial Offset Bolted Tag Fuse Link


Part Number: 2500012982                   MPN: BAO63M80                Product Type: Industrial Fuses


Part Number: 2500013953               MPN: NITD20M25                    Product Type: Industrial Fuses

Product Details

Red Spot industrial offset bolted tags fuse links are specifically designed for the protection of general motor applications.

  • BS reference: A1
  • 1: 1: 6 selective coordination ratio between “minor” and “major” fuse
  • gM characteristics for motor protection applications
  • Power loss values within the limits of IEC 60269
  • Compatible with Camaster 32A compact CM32FC
  • Pre-arching: 575
  • Total at 415V: 2,300
  • Watts loss: 1.6

Technical Specifications

HRC fuse
Colour code None
Type of fuse status indicator None
Current type AC
Fuse construction type according to IEC 60269 A1
Utilization category gM (motor protection)


Rated current 20 A
Breaking capacity 80 kA
Rated voltage AC 550 V
Centre-to-centre distance of connections 42.5 mm
Power loss at rated current 1.6 W

Additional information

Weight 0.0664 kg
Dimensions 3.9 × 1.9 cm


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