5W 2200K BC-B22D LED Globe G95 Filament Antique Dimmable


Part Number: 2500834088    MPN: 4283   Product Type: LED


Part Number: 2500834088    MPN: 4283   Product Type: LED

Product Details

Dimmable LED filament G95 globe lamp with antique-bronze finish.Energy saving LED extra warm white replacement lamp featuring LED filament technology.Antique bronzed coloured glass to closely resemble the look and feel of a traditional incandescent lamp.LEDs are arranged in a series filament arrangement, allowing true omni-directional light output.

  • · 10,000 hour life
  • · 5,000 switching cycles
  • · BC-B22d cap
  • · 2200K extra warm white colour temperature

Technical Specifications

LED Lamp
Cap B22d
Colour of light acc. EN 12464-1 Warm <3300 K
Lamp shape Round/globe
Lamp power 5 – 5 W
Luminous flux 410 – 410 lm
Colour temperature 2200 – 2200 K


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