6242YH 1.0mm² Grey PVC Basec Cable 2-Core&Earth

£1.00 per m

Part Number: 2500143405      MPN: 20144904      Product Type: Twin & Earth (6242)

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Prysmian 6242Y is a flat PVC-insulated and sheathed low-voltage wiring cable typically used for small power and lighting applications. Two cores with bare CPC

  • BS6004 Grey PVC sheathed cable with CPC
  • Used in light industrial & domestic wiring
  • Plain annealed copper conductors
  • No. of cores: 2
  • Product Packaging: Reel
  • Material: PVC
  • Standard: BS6004

Technical Specifications

Power cable < 1 kV, for fixed installations
Sheath colour Grey
Low temperature resistant according to EN 60811-504+505+506 No
Screen No
Oil resistant according to IEC 60811-404 No
Drain wire Yes
Permitted cable outer temperature during assembling/handling 0 – 60 °C
Number of cores 2
Nominal voltage U0 300 V
Max. conductor temperature 70 °C
Nominal voltage U 500 V
Conductor material Copper
Nominal cross sectional area of conductor 1 mm²
Sheath material Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Core insulation material Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Core identification Colour
Core colour Several
Conductor category Class 1 = solid
Protective barrier None
Conductor surface Bare

Technical Documents

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


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