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LRM Electrical Expert Witness Mission Statement


The mission of LRM Electrics is to deliver electrical expert witness service that meets the requirements of CPR Part 35 and as such the need of the customer.


Our electrical engineer expert witness are qualified to give their opinions, on matters involving the regulatory and statutory requirements for electrical installations.






Our Service to Lawyers, Barristers and Litigators

We offer our expert service to lawyers, Barristers, and litigators,

We avoid taking instructions from the public, wherever possible.



Our Methodology

We request clear and precise instructions,

with necessary supporting document.


we assist the lawyer in the preparation of the case which includes

doing an Electrical Expert Report.

If the case goes to court, we assist the court.





Independence of our expert witness


We owe a duty to the court, to exercise reasonable

skill and care in providing electrical expert witness reports.







Electrical Expert Witness duty to the court or tribunal

That one party is paying the expert fee,

does not mean that the expert needs to

give a favourable opinion,

to that party or even an unfavourable one.


The requirement is simply that the expert demonstrates

 the independence of mind and the strength of character

 to give an unbiased opinion.


Conflict of interest


There is no conflict between the duty owed by an expert to his client

 and his overriding duty to the court.


 His duty to the client is to perform his function as an expert

with the reasonable skill and care of an expert drawn

from the relevant discipline


duty of assisting the court


This includes a duty to perform the overriding duty

of assisting the court. Thus, the discharge of the duty to the court

 cannot be a breach of duty to the client.


If the expert gives an independent and unbiased opinion

which is within the range of reasonable expert opinions,

he will discharge his duty both to the court and to his client.


If, however, he gives an independent unbiased opinion,

which is outside the range of reasonable expert opinions,


he will not be in breach of his duty to the court,

because he would have provided independent

 and unbiased assistance to the court,

but it will be in breach of the duty owed to his client.



Extract from CPR 35 Guidance

Guidance 1.1 Experts must provide opinions that

are independent regardless of the pressure of litigation.


A useful test of independence is that the expert would express

the same opinion if given the same instructions by another party


Our Expertise

Our Expert witness give clear independent opinion evidence

on matters regarding the requirement for electrical installations.

We do not give advice outside electrical engineering.


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