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Coaxial Dca Single Black Lszh Cai 100M

Part Number: 2501579360        MPN: NPC21U2W      Product Type: Data & Comms

Product Details

CT100 cable is a coaxial cable that is used for the transmission of high-frequency signals. It is typically used for satellite television and broadband internet connections. CT100 cable is made up of a central copper conductor, a dielectric insulator, and a copper braid shield. The dielectric insulator is typically made of polyethylene or foamed polyethylene. The copper braid shield helps to protect the signal from interference.

  • · Conductor: Solid Copper
  • · Insulation: Foam Polyethylene (PE)
  • · Shield: Overlapped Copper Clad Aluminium (100% coverage)
  • · Braiding: C.C.A. Braiding

FPPLUS2C 2.5mm² Red Fire Performance Soft Skin Enhanced Cable 2-Core

Part Number: 2500135918            MPN: 20146525        Product Type: Fire Cables

Product Details

Prysmian FP PLUS is the ‘Enhanced’, hard skin, dressable fire resistant cable most commonly needed for fire alarm and emergency lighting circuits

  • · Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings.
  • · Voice alarm systems and emergency voice communication.
  • · Emergency and escape lighting.
  • · Control circuits for fire safety and fire fighting systems.
  • · Other essential service control circuits for “Enhanced” fire resistance.

Technical Specifications

Power cable < 1 kV, for fixed installations
Nominal voltage U0 300 V
Low temperature resistant according to EN 60811-504+505+506 No
Oil resistant according to IEC 60811-404 No
Screen Yes
Drain wire Yes
Max. conductor temperature 70 °C
Outer diameter approx. 11.5 mm
Permitted cable outer temperature during assembling/handling 0 – 60 °C
Number of cores 2
Nominal voltage U 500 V


Core insulation material Polyolefin
Nominal cross sectional area of conductor 2.5 mm²
Core identification Colour
Core colour Several
Protective barrier None
Conductor category Class 1 = solid
Conductor material Copper
Sheath colour Red
Sheath material Polyolefin
Conductor surface Bare

Pearlescent White Evolve 1 Gang 20A 16AX 2 Way Light Switch White Insert

Part Number: 2501484042        MPN: PCDCL12W-01    Product Type: White Moulded Slimline

Product Details

This Evolve pearlescent white 20A 16AX single light switch from British General will operate one light switch in a room. The 2 way switching allows a second switch to be added to the circuit to operate the same light from another location (e.g. at the top and bottom of the stairs).This switch has a low profile screwless flat plate that clips on and off, making it ideal for modern interiors.

  • · Easy to install, supplied with fixing screws and installation instruction
  • · 2 way switching allows for a second switch position in a circuit
  • · Captive, backed out terminal screws for fast installation and to prevent screw loss
  • · Screwless front plate clips on and off easily, ideal for redecorating – polycarbonate construction

Technical Specifications

Assembly Basic unit
Colour White


Mounting method Flush mounted
Rated current 20 A