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6.0Mm 3 Core Pvc/Pvc + 4 Pair Data Cable

Part Number: 2501574148      MPN: PRYEV6C     Product Type: Data & Comms

Product Details

PRY EV has been designed and manufactured by Prysmian Group to connect a fixed Electric Vehicle charge point into a distribution board or domestic consumer unit. The hybrid design features a complete four pair screened data cable and three copper power cores all within the same outer sheath. Available in armoured and non armoured versions.

  • · Power and data in a single cable.
  • · Data cable can be used to provide data connectivity or signal for current monitoring (Current Transformer).
  • · Single cable means a single reel, one set of fixings, less drilling, less packaging and waste.
  • · Enables a faster, simpler and more discreet installation.